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I am selling my training center, lock stock and barrel. The equipment is sufficient enough to start a business in sports training; personal training or cross fit and is of the highest quality available.I personally designed and had the benches, rack and platform made for my lines Applied Strength Technologies and Gymtools which have been sold into over 100 collegiate and high school weight rooms nation wide. This is an elite weight room capable of handling the needs of any athlete or lifter on the planet, the solar system as far as that goes.All of the equipment is either new or in like new shape and designed to handle world record weights way into the 21st century. The Power Rack is 7 gauge, has an open walk through design, will accommodate Sumo squats, all bar contacts are UHMW covered and has a large pull up bar. The Flat to Incline Bench is heavy duty capable of handling the largest athletes and the heaviest of weights, the adjustment is gas assisted and the bench stores vertically in the back of the power rack. The Bumper Racks are my new curved low profile design and come with the steel plate extension. The Dumbbell Rack is a two tier tray design and is designed to hold dumbbells from 10 to 100 lbs, the set that comes with it is 10 to 50 pounds however I can fill the set out on request at my dealer cost. The dumbbell set is chrome handled, rubber coated in mint shape. The Seated Press chair will also accommodate the largest athletes and is on wheels for portability. The Adjustable Plyometrics Stand goes from 16? to 28? will again handle the largest athletes, is gas assisted for ease in use and is portable on it?s own wheels. The Weight Racks are large capacity and one comes with vertical bar holders. The Vertical Bar Rack is wall mounted, will hold 3 men?s bars and one women?s bar and is lockable. The bars are perfectly straight, the DiMarco Bar is stainless steel and has three bearings a side the Ivanko is a 20k power bar and the women?s bar is 15kilos. The platform is four layers thick covered in red oak, has the power rack insert and a ramp for the flat to incline bench. The plates are older milled York, have been painted and the kilo plates are IWF certified. The bumper plates are Kraiberg and have very few reps on them. The Textrix Stepper which I use for legwork warm ups is in excellent cosmetic and mechanical shape and has low hours. The powder coating on all of the equipment is unblemished crinkle coated and the padding is perfect, the adjustments are gas assisted. The rubber flooring is one and an eighth inch thick and comes with the equipment at no charge.I want to sell everything as a package; if there are pieces you don?t want they should be easily resalable. This is pick up only and will require a 20+-foot truck to handle the weight and mass. I have posted a shor look video on You Tube, http